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We are a group of collectors who focus on products produced by and information about the former A.C. Gilbert Company of New Haven, Conn. These include Erector sets, chemistry sets, American Flyer trains, and many others products. Our goals are to showcase and celebrate the works of A.C. Gilbert, and promote the Heritage Society by educating the public and by sharing the works of our members.

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February 20, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Events, News

The American Manufacturing Hall of Fame will induct A.C. Gilbert as a member of their Class of 2015 on Thursday, October 8 from 5:30 – 9:00 p.m. at the Trumbull Marriott in Trumbull, Connecticut. Learn more here.

The ACGHS 2015 Fall Mid-Atlantic Regional Erector Set & Gilbert Toy Show is scheduled for Saturday, November 7 from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon at the First Presbyterian Church in Strasburg, PA. Learn more here.

The 2015 A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society National Convention took place on Saturday, July 25 in St. Louis, Missouri. See pictures from the 2015 National Convention.

Visit our National Convention page to learn more about all our recent ACGHS National Conventions.

June 7, 2014 · by David Gilbert · News

Bruce Chapin writes (September 25, 2015):

I just put up for auction on eBay  a 1928  Erector Set Manual for set No. 10 & 12. Has a 3-page fold out, in very good condition. Starting bid $5. It is up to $100 already and someone just asked if I would consider $500 to stop auction and sell to them. Anyone there tell me if this is some rare find which is quite valuable? Thanks for your time and feel free to forward.  Auction started yesterday. Bruce Chapin (chapin@frontiernet.net).

Question from Doug Prisinzano (September 14, 2015):

Could someone email a parts list for the Space Age Erector tube #18020? Also, I would like a copy of “Erector Tips”. If you have an original copy to spare, I would like to purchase one. And, I would like a copy of “1000 Toys in 1”. Again, if anyone has an original copy, I would like to purchase one for my files. Finally, I would like a copy of the ad on page 60 from The Saturday Evening Post of Nov 20, 1915. As before, if anyone has this original ad to sell, I would be interested in purchasing it. Please email me at meprisinzano@yahoo.com. Please include ACGHS in the message line. I appreciate your help! Doug.

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August 5, 2015 · by David Gilbert · Erector Sets, Guidarelli, Greg, Machines

These models are from the 1929 #9 Mechanical Wonders set. The model on the right side of the back plate is the Cone Pulleys model, the first model in the wonders section of the manual and the easiest. The model on the left side of the back plate is part of the rectilinear motion model. All of the parts used are from the late 20’s with the exception of modern machine screws. The six shiny metal car trucks are from a mid-1920s Gilbert Meccano set. Special thanks to Joel Perlin for supplying the parts specific to the 1929 #9 set, those being the eccentric, cone pulleys and gear segment. These models do not really do much, they are more an exercise in getting your gears to mesh, which is not at all a trivial endeavor with sets of this era. I had to use a number of extra washers and brass collars to get smooth gear meshing. The motor is one I rewound, it is running at 3.0 volts and pulling 2.0 amperes in the video. On the front side is a back side is a basic reduction gearbox driven by a worm gear on the motor, the worm gear meshing is the hardest to get right. We then have ladder chain spinning two more gears. On the back side we have a crown gear turning three axels using the cone pulleys with women’s hair bands as the belts. The other side is an eccentric used to rock the gear segment across the saw blade. I really only included it so that one side of the back plate would not be so empty.

– Greg Guidarelli, August 5, 2015

Videos of Greg Guidarelli’s Erector Models:

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