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We are a group of collectors who focus on products produced by and information about the former A.C. Gilbert Company of New Haven, Conn. These include Erector sets, chemistry sets, American Flyer trains, and many others products. Our goals are to showcase and celebrate the works of A.C. Gilbert, and promote the Heritage Society by educating the public and by sharing the works of our members.

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June 7, 2014 · by David Gilbert · News

The Aromaire

Arnold Zlotnik Asks (October 2, 2014):

Hi, I purchased an A.C. Gilbert cathedral plastic electric fan called The Aromaire, distributed by Better Air Corp. I wanted to know more about it if possible: manufacture date, description, literature? Thank you! Arnold Zlotnik (znose@comcast.net)

Jordynn Jack Asks (September 20, 2014):

I’m looking for newsletters that Gilbert published, especially ones that may contain letters written by children. Do you know of anyone who may have this type of material? Thanks. Jordynn Jack (jjack@email.unc.edu)

Mark Peltier Writes (September 16, 2014):

I have acquired 8 Erector sets from an auction which are all incomplete, yet I have a vast variety of parts. Most are in very good condition and range from the 30′s to the lat 40′s as best as I can asses. I would like to sell them all to a collector, preferable in MN-WI.  Please suggest how I may place an add through your organization. Thanks so much. Mark Peltier (mark@33madscientists.com)

Larry Ellison Asks (September 14, 2014):

I understand that the Gilbert company made materials for the war effort during the Second World War. Does anyone know exactly WHAT they made from 1942 to 1945 for the military? Someone asked me and I did not know. Thank you kindly Gilbert fans! Larry Ellison (lacoel3927@gmail.com)

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September 25, 2014 · by Michael Foster · Erector Sets

This isn’t news to collectors, but one of A.C. Gilbert’s abilities was creating promotions and advertising. This page has been created to display and make available for download some of his print ads, large and small. Many of these ads make great reference material and often give a lesson in history. If you have an ad or article you would like to share, please send a PDF file to the webmaster. See the new Erector Marketing page

February 20, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Events, News

The 2014 A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, July 12 was a resounding success. Kudos to organizers Tom Lindsey and Randy Sauder, who did a stellar job organizing the event. See photos from the 2014 National Convention

The ACGHS Fall Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting will be held Saturday, November 15, 2014 at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Learn more about the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting

The 2015 A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society National Convention will be held on Saturday, July 25 in St. Louis, Missouri. Stay tuned for news and updates for the 2015 Convention.

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